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8th of august


New shows.

We have some new shows coming up in march & april, finally.

1/3/2013 Vrankrijk, Amsterdam w/ Lawine & Jungbluth
2/3/2013 Erik still punk party, Onderbroek NMGN w/ Lawine, Landverraad, Jungbluth & Teserac

26/4/2013 Germany
27/4/2013 EKH, Vienna (ABC benefitshow) w/ Landverraad, Leechfeast, Paperplanecrash & 2 more
28/4/2013 Sächsischer Bahnhof, Gera, Germany w/Landverraad

Tyrannicide / Rivers Run Dry LP – free download

Sooo we finally took some time to upload the whole LP, it’s downloadable for free on our bandcamp:

Tyrannicide side:
Rivers Run Dry side:

For now we’re writing some new stuffs which is going pretty solid. So there’ll probably be more new stuffs by the beginning of next year!
Untill then, keep it real and smash the state! Aight.

Back ta NL with da split!

We’re back from our tour for a while and have our new split record with us. We had a lot of fun and we’ve seen some beautiful places. We’d like to thank for Laci  RRD and all the promoters for fixing the Balcanic part of our tour and our friends from Czech rep and Germany for setting up shows for us.

Also, thanks goes out to all the labels who helped out releasing this vinyl, to Mark for making the amazing artwork and to Beau for recording and mixing all the music.

Masakari, Alpinist & Tyrannicide @ OCCII Am*Dam

2 tracks from our upcoming split 12″


Tour was amazing! Met great people and visited great places. Thanks so much for helping us out with the shows, feeding us and giving us a place to sleep!

We uploaded 2 tracks from our upcoming split /w Rivers Run Dry, check it out at the bandcamp:
Tyrannicide / RRD split 12″

The other 4 will be available (for free ofcourse) when we’ve got the vinyls in our hands!

Show dates for June and July / Record news


We’re going on a short tour in the beggining of June and we’re still in need for shows. If you think you could help out in any way, please get in touch with us!

The dates so far are these:

4/06/2012 – NEED HELP! (Germany)
5/06/2012 – Cafe Decentral/Innsbruck – Austria
6/06/2012 – GGS31 / Winterthur – Switzerland
7/06/2012 – NEED HELP! (Germany/Switzerland)
8/06/2012 – Toxoplasm Festival/Sonvilier – Switzerland
9/06/2012 – Salle des Fetes / Dombrot-sur-Vair, France


In July we’re setting up a show for Masakari (us) in the OCCII, Amsterdam. They sound pretty sick and are said to be cool people, so come and decide whether it’s true or not.


Our 12″ split record with Rivers Run Dry is also ready for pressing. Both of the bands were recorded by our bassist and the artwork is handled by Márk László. We are expecting the records to be out around late June early July.


Back from tour!

We’re back from our German/Scandinavian tour. It was much fun and we had really great time together with Sloth. We’d like to thank everyone who helped us out with a show, let us sleep at their place, gave us some delicious warm food, showed up at our shows, shared the stage with us, showed us around in their hometown or simply just had a chat with us. Much props goes out to Erik (Sloth) too, who managed to fix almost all the dates himself and for being able to persuade his parents to host us at their beautiful home.


Check the video!

Tyrannicide @ Blitz, Oslo


New shirts are being printed!

German/Scandinavian tour dates and recording session news

Here are the dates of our tour with Sloth. Check the town nearest to you.
12/04/2012 – Munster/Germany@Baracke
13/04/2012 – Berlin/Germany@Scharni
14/04/2012 – Hamburg/Germany@Rote Flora
15/04/2012 – Kolding/Denmark@Sssweet
16/04/2012 – Gothenburg/Sweden@Harden
17/04/2012 – Oslo/Norway@Blitz
18/04/2012 – Helluppie!
19/04/2012 – Umea/Sweden@VERKET
20/04/2012 – Gävle/Sweden@KULTURHUSET
21/04/2012 – Nyköping@Magasinet
22/04/2012 – Hannover/Germany@outside stumpf

We’ve recorded some songs for the Rivers Run Dry split. We are still busy with mixing it.
Here are some photos of the recording session.





tracking down da guitar lines

tracking down da guitar lines

stereotypical recording session picture with all our (barely used) pedals connected

stereotypical recording session picture with all our (barely used) pedals connected